Publication Ethics

Publication Ethics Journal Al-Munir: 

Al-Munir's journal puts the writers' comfort first in an effort to submit articles. Before sending an article, the author is required to register or send an email to the journal manager so that his writing can be published in the al-Munir Journal.

Process Review Article

The process of reviewers in al-Munir's journal is quite simple, namely after the journal author sends the article. The manager sends the article to reviewers for review before it is published in the Al-Munir Journal. Delivery is done manually via the email of each reviewer. After that, reviewers send it back in the form of an email to the manager of the Al-Munir Journal.

Article Accepted

The Al-Munir journal accepts articles related to the scope of the journal, namely the science of the Qur'an, the science of hadith, studies of the living Qur'an and hadith, studies related to the Qur'an and Hadith, the science of manuscripts, and field study of the Qur'an and Hadith

Editor In Chief

supervising and managing all OJS al-Munir activities

Duties of In Chief Editor
1. Responsible for the final content of the Journal
2. Implement and provisions regarding intellectual property rights, especially Copyrights
3. Create a code guide with  managing editors
4. Ensure the availability of Articles and Sources of Funds so that Journal Publishing runs smoothly
5. Prepare the licensing and legality of the Journal
6. Coordinate with the Editorial Board to maintain the continuity of the Journal
7. Publish Journal regularly

Managing Editors

the editor's manager serves to organize the editors and direct the editors in accordance with Al-Munir's writings.

Duties of Managing editors 
1. Responsible for incoming articles according to and adapted to the scope of the journal Al-Munir
2. Responsible for the continuity of the articles that have been sent
3. Determine the reviewers who will review the articles that have been sent
4. Discuss with reviewers on articles that have been submitted and determine whether or not the article is eligible for publication
5. Discuss with the editor In Chief regarding the feasibility of an article to be published

Editor of Journal 

The function of the editor is to edit all incoming posts. Starting from the layout form, bibliography, writing form and arrangement of subtitles.

Duties of Journal Editor
1. Striving for continuous improvement of the quality of writing
2. Submit corrections, clarifications and apologies for rejected articles
3. Receive and review articles that have been submitted in accordance with the direction of the editor in chief
4. Layout the articles that have been sent and adjusted to the ethics of publication
5. Communicating with the author on the articles that have been sent
6. Assist the editor-in-chief in finalizing the articles to be published


the function of the reviewer is to review articles that have been corrected and arranged by the editor. Usually one article is reviewed by one reviewer.

Duties Of Reviewers' 
1. Responsible for the quality of articles that have been submitted and adapted to the scope of the journal al-Munir
2. Understand the main points of discussion of each article and adapt it to the scope of the Al-Munir journal
3. Seeing the methodology and novelty contained in the writings sent by the author to the Al-Munir Journal
4. Adding and subtracting references related to writings and articles that have been sent to the Al-Munir Journal
5. Reporting to the Managing Editors the findings of each submitted article
To the Journal of Al-Munir and adjust the appropriate and inappropriate for the article to be published in the journal Al-Munir


The author is someone who sends his articles via email journal or online submissions and is responsible for the writings sent

Duties of Author
1. Send articles via email or register as a member of the al-Munir journal and submit them to the Al-Munir journal via online submissions.
2. Sending articles according to the template and scope of al-Munir's journal
3. Responsible for the articles sent are original homemade, not the result of plagiarism from any writing. It is proven by attaching a statement that the writing has never been published and does not belong to anyone else.
4. Write articles according to the scope of the journal Al-Munir
5. Mandatory to correct any errors in writing according to the direction of the journal editor
6. Follow the rules for writing articles in accordance with the guidelines for publication ethics
7. Write articles and find novelty in the posts sent
8. Waiting according to the date directed by Al-Munir's journal regarding the publication of an article or not. Can be questioned through the contact person listed on OJS